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Timothy Murphy School is committed to bridging the span between behavior and academic success.

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The Godmothers of Timothy Murphy School actively support the school through fundraising and volunteer service.

About TMS

 Timothy Murphy School (TMS) was incorporated in 1985 and is dedicated to meeting the special education needs of St. Vincent’s residents and day students that have serious academic, emotional and behavioral challenges and live within the communities of the Bay Area. Using a comprehensive state adopted curriculum, Timothy Murphy School provides a structured educational program within a safe, nurturing environment that fosters a desire to learn responsibility, accountability and other life skills necessary to become independent, self-supporting members of society. TMS provides a comprehensive, individualized educational program for each student. State adopted curriculum is modified and adapted to address specific areas of need as identified in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). In addition to the state mandated curriculum, TMS offers classes in art, music, job development and life skills. Each student is given the opportunity to develop through these programs. TMS also provides a therapeutic component during the school day with a day treatment clinician embedded in each class to further the emotional development of the students. 


The academic goal of Timothy Murphy School is to provide each student with the opportunity for an individualized educational program emphasizing active learning and responsibility with an overall emphasis on success. Social skills instruction and relationship building are key components of our program, which are addressed on a daily basis through a social skills curriculum.

The behavioral goal of Timothy Murphy School is to provide structured behavioral and therapeutic interventions so that students learn to become responsible, compassionate individuals and productive members of society.

The community and life skills goal of Timothy Murphy School is to develop community and life skills through social interaction within a structured environment that teaches responsibility, communication and organization, preparing our students for the future. Additionally, we have a workability program that teaches our students job skills in a supported, structured environment, giving them the opportunity to learn skills that will help them become successful employees of the future. 




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