Understanding Pros and Cons of Self-learning

Self learning 1024x683 - Understanding Pros and Cons of Self-learning

It is now becoming common for people to embrace self-learning as a way of teaching themselves. Several factors have led to the idea of self-learning, including the Covid-19 global pandemic that saw learners and teachers spending most times away from school. These kinds of circumstances necessitate more people to appreciate that self-learning can be used as a tool to gain and retain knowledge. You must first understand the pros and cons of self-learning so that you know how to incorporate it in your teaching or learning schedule.

Advantages of self-learning 

*Students learn at their own pace. It gets even better if the student incorporates learning resources such as MentalUP that has different levels depending on the learner’s capability.

*Boosts the learner’s self-esteem when they realise that they can accomplish something for themselves.

*Equips the learner with problem-solving skills as they tackle the challenges that come with self-learning.

*Teaches responsibility and proper time management, especially for learners who were not self-driven before.

*Yields better results because the learner has more time to do self-assessment.


*Requires a high level of discipline and may not be appropriate for young learners who struggle to sit still.

*Does not work for learners with learning disabilities such as ADHD and autism.

*Requires basic prior knowledge of the subject; otherwise the learner will struggle to understand.