Charles DavisWorkAbility gives these boys a chance to learn responsibility and a good work ethic.
—Charles Davis
WorkAbility Coordinator

WorkAbility is a training program for special education students ages 14-22 funded and administered by the California Department of Education. It is designed to promote career awareness and exploration while students complete their secondary education program. WorkAbility provides students with opportunities for job shadowing, paid and non-paid work experience, and ongoing support and guidance from vocational personnel. The program provides comprehensive pre-employment skills training, employment placement and follow-up for high school students in special education who are making the transition from school to work. Positions are appropriate to individual student needs, abilities, and interests.

TMS high school students who are interested in working can be a part of our WorkAbility program. We have successful partnerships with employers like Safeway, Kaiser, Marin Food Bank, Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project, Global Book Exchange, Tomatinos, Re-Cyclery Bike Shop, Marin Media Center, and Codoni’s Auto Service.

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