Music and Art

At Timothy Murphy School, we understand the critical importance of creative expression. We are proud to offer programs in both music and art.

Music Program


TMS offers music education under the experienced leadership of Mr. Eric Maddox. Mr. Maddox provides both in-class music appreciation seminars as well as one-on-one lessons for individual students. We have a dedicated music room that is well-away from the classrooms so the boys can go to town on the trumpet or the drums. Mr. Maddox also organizes the school choir and leads them in multiple performances at school functions over the course of the year.


Art From the Heart


We are very fortunate to partner with the folks at Art from the Heart. This non-profit group is dedicated to empowering our students, building their self-confidence, and giving them the opportunity to develop an appreciation and love of the arts. This program is available to all our classrooms. Students are taught about various art forms and are guided in bringing their own artistic creations to life. You can find out more about Art from the Heart on their own website,


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