Life Skills


The mission of the Life Skills program is to translate academic knowledge into real-world knowhow. Students get regular lessons designed to promote social development that can lead to enduring success in the community life. For our elementary and middle school students, facilitators lead activities in our dedicated Life Skills room intended to build pragmatic skills and cultural knowledge. For instance, students learn how to cook, how to build useful items like bird feeders, how academic information informs scientific and engineering knowledge (such as aerodynamics and human biology), how to apply basic first aid, and cultural traditions such as Chinese New Years.

Activities for our high school students are focused on developing a professional demeanor and learning about career opportunities. This includes field trips—students have been taken to a wide variety of businesses, such as the Apple Store, Kaiser, Macy’s, Starbucks, as well as farms, factories, police and fire stations, museums, music stores, construction sites, and junior colleges. Presentations and workshops are designed to help students successfully transition into the workforce.

This program is generously funded and administered by the TMS Godmothers.

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