Extended School Year

Timothy Murphy School offers Extended School Year (ESY) services for students who have it designated in their IEP. The object of ESY is to prevent any academic or behavioral regressions that might occur during the extended summer break. We provide six weeks of educational services between June and July that mirror the normal 6-hour, 5-day-a-week schedule.

Before lunch, students work on math and English skills. For the elementary and middle school students, the rest of the day is dedicated to extracurricular activities, like art and cultural projects. The high schoolers can work on credit recovery and are given the opportunity to engage in paid employment, either through the school or our WorkAbility partners, such as Safeway, Kaiser, or the Marin Food Bank. The school also hosts various entertainments, such as a juggling or magic show, our summer barbecue, the annual Ice Cream Social, and fun outings.

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