Academic Program

Since 1985, Timothy Murphy School has provided special education to students in grades 1-12 with significant emotional and behavioral challenges most often stemming from early childhood trauma and family disruption. Using a comprehensive state adopted curriculum, TMS offers a structured educational program within a safe, nurturing environment. An individualized program is designed for each student that builds on their academic strengths, supports any learning differences, and addresses specific areas of need as identified in the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Our high school program helps students prepare for college or work transition after earning either a High School Diploma or Certificate of Completion. In addition to the state mandated curriculum, TMS offers classes in art, music, job development, and life skills in order to develop well-rounded students ready to become responsible, independent members of society.

The TMS program includes separate classrooms for our elementary, middle school, and high school students. Each one has a low student-to-teacher ratio with small class sizes (typically between 8-10 students). This allows teaching staff to give each of the students the attention they need to succeed.

While academics are the cornerstone of any school, the nature of our student population requires that we also prioritize interventions that address the emotional and behavioral difficulties that interfere with the students’ ability to access their education. For this reason, systems are embedded in our classrooms that help promote appropriate socialization, improved self-regulation, and increased competencies in dealing with every day challenges. It is why every TMS staff member is trained in issues and interventions related to trauma, learning differences, and common mental health struggles many of our students face. This marriage of education and mental health helps create an empathic, therapeutic, and safe space for our students to begin developing into effective and successful learners.

Altogether, our program aims to fulfill the following three mission goals:

1) Provide an individualized educational program for each student emphasizing active learning with an overall emphasis on academic achievement.

2) Provide a therapeutic environment that can help students develop the capability to regulate their behavior, maintain focus and resilience, and form healthy, trusting relationships.

3) Provide opportunities for our students to develop life skills and acquire pragmatic knowledge that will help them become responsible, successful adults.

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