Choosing Educational Games for Five-Year-Olds

Educational Games 1024x684 - Choosing Educational Games for Five-Year-Olds

Teaching five-year-olds undoubtedly requires a lot of creativity. Incorporating games in the learning process makes it easier for young learners to retain what they are taught. The trick for teachers and learners always comes in choosing the right resources out of the many available in the market. Remember that introducing the wrong games to young learners can permanently interfere with their learning process.

Guide to Choosing Educational Games 

The first thing you should put into consideration when choosing games for five-year-olds is how suitable they are for that age group. Do not go for a too complex game as the brains of the young ones cannot process it all. Educational games should also be creative enough to capture their minds. This means games for 5 year olds should have colors, songs, puzzles, and other forms of creativity to stimulate their senses. Good games should also be scalable so that even as the five-year-olds grow, they can still enjoy the games without feeling as though they have outgrown them. Most teachers always opt for positively reviewed games such as MentalUP, which has a variety to choose from. It also helps to know the interests and capabilities of the learners before selecting the right games that would give them the best results.