The Godmothers of TMS

The Godmothers of Timothy Murphy School is an organization founded in 1998 to facilitate volunteer work and critical fundraising for the school. Over two hundred members help make the Godmothers an amazing force for good in the lives of TMS students.


TMS is able to provide several key projects and services to our students thanks to the generosity and effort of the Godmothers. Over the years, the Godmothers have helped bring the following to life:

  • The design, furnishing, and staffing of our school library.
  • Our state-of-the-art computer lab.
  • The Life Skills program that helps transform academic knowledge into real world know-how.
  • Provision of the school uniform for all the boys, as well as shoes and items like eye glasses.
  • Stocking and staffing the school store where the students can purchase items using the tokens they’ve earned through our behavior system.
  • Hosting the monthly High Step Lunch and Merit Outings, two of the key rewards for students who excel in our behavior system.
  • A new reading tutoring program.
  • Several annual activities for the students, such as the Ice Cream Social and Santa’s Visit complete with presents for all the boys.

Projects, services, and events like these help make our school a place not just for learning, but for experiencing what it means to be a part of a caring community.


There are always opportunities for men and women to volunteer at Timothy Murphy School. Because of the sensitive nature of our student population, volunteering efforts are administered by The Godmothers. If you would like to donate your time and effort for the students of TMS, you are encouraged to contact the Godmothers’ Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy McNeil: or (415) 507-4229.


The Godmothers host three major fundraisers every year. Their first fundraiser in 1998 was the Bingo Luncheon. This fun event includes a bazaar, silent auction, musical performance by the TMS Choir, a delicious lunch, and of course a lively game of bingo.


Every October, the Godmothers also run the Annual Pumpkin Patch. This event has become a favorite haunt of many families and schools in Marin, and children can always be seen running through the pumpkins and playing in the bouncy houses. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for many of our older students to earn some work experience and earn a little money for their effort.


Finally, the Godmothers are involved in the elegant Marin Valentine’s Ball. The event has grown in scope over the years and benefits not just TMS but also North Bay Children’s Center and Sunny Hills Services. This black tie affair includes dancing, dinner, and an auction in the magically transformed Marin Civic Center Hall. This wonderful event is a true celebration of caring and generosity.


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