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Learning Resources - How Teachers Can Effectively Use Teaching and Learning Resources

How Teachers Can Effectively Use Teaching and Learning Resources

Learning Resources 1024x768 - How Teachers Can Effectively Use Teaching and Learning Resources

Are you a teacher who is continually looking for ways to make learners understand things faster? Maybe you are a student who wishes to have a teacher who is well versed in using different learning resources. When resources are used effectively, they become a great tool in retaining information.

Using Teaching and Learning Resouces 

Before teachers start using educational resources, they must first do due diligence to understand the available options. Not all resources are equal. Some of the factors to consider when choosing the right resource include how easy it is to understand. You really do not want to select a learning or teaching resource that does not match the levels and age groups of the learners. Another thing to bear in mind is how scalable the resources are. As the learners progress, they should be able to continue learning using the available resources. There are a variety of learning resources, and it is easier if the teachers do research and sample out the ones that sound better for their learners. Using popular learning resources such as MentalUP lessens the time it takes to choose the best one. Sometimes, consulting with other teachers and learners on the resources that have worked before is the best way to find and use learning tools.

Self learning - Understanding Pros and Cons of Self-learning

Understanding Pros and Cons of Self-learning

Self learning 1024x683 - Understanding Pros and Cons of Self-learning

It is now becoming common for people to embrace self-learning as a way of teaching themselves. Several factors have led to the idea of self-learning, including the Covid-19 global pandemic that saw learners and teachers spending most times away from school. These kinds of circumstances necessitate more people to appreciate that self-learning can be used as a tool to gain and retain knowledge. You must first understand the pros and cons of self-learning so that you know how to incorporate it in your teaching or learning schedule.

Advantages of self-learning 

*Students learn at their own pace. It gets even better if the student incorporates learning resources such as MentalUP that has different levels depending on the learner’s capability.

*Boosts the learner’s self-esteem when they realise that they can accomplish something for themselves.

*Equips the learner with problem-solving skills as they tackle the challenges that come with self-learning.

*Teaches responsibility and proper time management, especially for learners who were not self-driven before.

*Yields better results because the learner has more time to do self-assessment.


*Requires a high level of discipline and may not be appropriate for young learners who struggle to sit still.

*Does not work for learners with learning disabilities such as ADHD and autism.

*Requires basic prior knowledge of the subject; otherwise the learner will struggle to understand.

be in school - Three Ways to Be Successful in School

Three Ways to Be Successful in School

be in school 1024x768 - Three Ways to Be Successful in School

If you want to be in school, you must embrace the strategies that will make you successful. Many people perform dismally in school and think something is wrong with them. At the same time, their failure has nothing to do with their academic prowess but rather how they approach their schoolwork.

How to Be Successful in School

* Expand your resources: One of the mistakes learners make is to stick to old fashioned learning where a teacher offers instructions and textbooks. Technology has allowed people to use different resources such as the highly-rated MentalUP to explore other forms of learning. You should try out educational resources that will expand your thinking and creativity.

* Embrace teamwork: Educators have found that when learners work as a team, they retain information better. Do not be afraid of working with other people. Reach out to individuals with different strengths in various subjects and consider starting study groups.

* Be consistent: There will be days when it might feel overwhelming to be in school. Do not give up. Keep pushing. Have a goal and develop a plan on how you will achieve it. Set up a timetable and follow it diligently.

It is essential to be updated on the further developments in the education sector. Keep doing research and consulting with people in the industry.

Educational Games - Choosing Educational Games for Five-Year-Olds

Choosing Educational Games for Five-Year-Olds

Educational Games 1024x684 - Choosing Educational Games for Five-Year-Olds

Teaching five-year-olds undoubtedly requires a lot of creativity. Incorporating games in the learning process makes it easier for young learners to retain what they are taught. The trick for teachers and learners always comes in choosing the right resources out of the many available in the market. Remember that introducing the wrong games to young learners can permanently interfere with their learning process.

Guide to Choosing Educational Games 

The first thing you should put into consideration when choosing games for five-year-olds is how suitable they are for that age group. Do not go for a too complex game as the brains of the young ones cannot process it all. Educational games should also be creative enough to capture their minds. This means games for 5 year olds should have colors, songs, puzzles, and other forms of creativity to stimulate their senses. Good games should also be scalable so that even as the five-year-olds grow, they can still enjoy the games without feeling as though they have outgrown them. Most teachers always opt for positively reviewed games such as MentalUP, which has a variety to choose from. It also helps to know the interests and capabilities of the learners before selecting the right games that would give them the best results.

Games for Six Year Olds - Where to Find Educational Games for Six-Year-Olds

Where to Find Educational Games for Six-Year-Olds

Games for Six Year Olds 1024x683 - Where to Find Educational Games for Six-Year-Olds

As children grow up, their interest in new things undoubtedly keeps developing. It explains why many learning resources have been created for six-year-olds and children around that particular age group. As much as these games can make a big difference in what the children learn and retain, due diligence should be done to ensure that they are accessing only useful games and not the ones that can corrupt and mislead them. So, where can teachers and guardians find the right games for six-year-olds? Many tips will make the process easier.

Tips on Choosing Educational Games for Six Year Olds

When looking for educational games for 6 year olds, you must be open to doing research. You should start by doing a basic online search for the available options. Remember to read the reviews on the games that you are considering. This will give you the confidence to know if it is the right option for you. Another way to find the right game is by talking with experts, especially educators. They are more likely to have sampled several games and will give you well-researched information. Always opt for a game that has a variety of items as it makes it easier for the six-year-olds to upgrade as they get older.

Educational Resources - How to Find Good Educational Resources

How to Find Good Educational Resources

Educational Resources 1024x683 - How to Find Good Educational Resources

The internet is full of many sites and tools that claim to be educational. Whether you are a learner or instructor, you should do due diligence in finding the best resources. It can actually be quite challenging if you are trying to settle on educational resources among the many available options. If you make a mistake and select the wrong one, you could be misinformed.

Finding Educational Resources

If you find yourself struggling with finding the right educational resources, you should consider speaking with experts. Look for suggestions and recommendations from veteran educators and learners who have used different educational facilities. Another way to find educational resources is by doing research. Try out the ones available for you. Remember to always read the reviews. Highly rated resources such as MentalUP are more likely to give you better results. You can also not go wrong if you choose to go with resources from reputable institutions that have put research into their work. The best resources should also have a variety of options for learners. For instance, it should stimulate different senses so that you get the best out of it. To find educational resources, you must be sure of the best way that you learn so that you identify the right ones.

common for learning - Five Tips on Effective Online Learning

Five Tips on Effective Online Learning

common for learning 1024x683 - Five Tips on Effective Online Learning

It is becoming common for learning to be conducted online in the digital age. The challenge that most people have when it comes to effective online learning is knowing how to choose the right site and tools. Some people also find it difficult to concentrate on a particular online tool. The good news is that once you have established an excellent protocol to follow, online learning can be beneficial.

Leaning Online Effectively

Some of the tips for effective online learning are:

* Switch off social media and entertainment games: Social media sites and entertainment games are the biggest distractions for people who are learning online. Switch them off and focus on the educational resources.

* Choose the right sites and resources: What you learn online will be determined by the resources you choose. There are many reasons for digital learning. You will only achieve your goals if you are using sites that have been accredited by educators. Check out MentalUP that has good reviews for being an excellent online learning tool.

* Have measurable goals: Before you start online learning, you should have concrete goals that you plan to achieve and how you will meet them.

* Participate actively: Just because it is an online lesson does not mean you should be a passive participant. Engage actively to increase your retention level.

* Find a comfortable place: Have a stable seat and desk to avoid straining. You should also be seated in a well-lit place to improve your performance.

Studying - Tips on How to Study Effectively

Tips on How to Study Effectively

Studying 1024x683 - Tips on How to Study Effectively

Studying is an art. No matter how hard you work, you can never pass your exam or feel the fruits of your education if you have not mastered the tricks on how to study effectively. It starts with some self-analysis and setting of goals so that even as you study, you know the results that you are chasing, and the strategies you intend to put in place to ensure that you have achieved them.

Studying Effectively For Success 

The first step is for you to come up with a list of strengths and weaknesses. Know the subject areas that you excel in without so much struggle and the subjects that could do with more studying. This enables you to allocate appropriate time for every subject. You should also know the resources that you have in place. Check the resources such as MentalUP that have gotten high reviews from learners and teachers so that you broaden your skills as you study. Such resources stimulate your mind and make you develop critical thinking skills. It is important to have a timetable that guides your study sessions. Schedule in time for rest so that you do not get overwhelmed with studying. There are people who find it easier if they incorporate group work to their studying to add in some variety and greater retaining power. The key is to find what works for you.