Technology Objective Topics

The following objectives are to be reviewed & revised:

Charts in Excel

a.) Enter data into Excel and plot the points (or make a column graph, pie chart, etc.).
b.) Come up with some kind of chart they could use to draw conclusions from about their data.
Topic for reflection: how can a chart help you understand information?
Tables in Excel
a.) Compare with Word.
b.) Tables in Excel using Calendar example.
Topic for reflection: why would you use Excel when MS Word also creates tables?
Formulas in Excel
a.) Inventory list (summer camp supplies)
b.) Add formulas to the calendar from objective 5.
Topic for reflection:
Working with Computer Images
Types of images… Flash, JPEG, bitmap, GIF, animation.
Exercise – go to web page and acquire various types of images (e.g. using screen shots vs. saving the image) Image resolution.
Topic for reflection: Why are some pictures from the web grainy or blurry?
Digital Portfolio (4 weeks)

Create an online portfolio that links together the work they’ve done throughout the year.