Job Opening: Recreation Coordinator

Position is responsible for creating an environment that fosters, promotes and develops an understanding of the relationship of healthy body function and exercise; that motivates each student to cultivate physical fitness, and appropriate social and emotional adjustment; that discovers and develops talents of students in physical achievement; and that develops strength, skill, agility, poise, and coordination in individual, dual and team physical activities and sports, in accordance with each student’s ability.

Essential Duties:

  1. Teaches knowledge and skills in physical fitness, health education, and individual, dual or team sports, utilizing curriculum designated by the State of California and other appropriate learning activities.
  2. Plans and implements a balanced physical education program.
  3. Analyzes, demonstrates, and explains basic skills, knowledge and strategies of formal sports, games, rhythms, and fundamentals of body movement.
  4. Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior to provide an orderly, productive environment in the physical education areas.
  5. Provides appropriate safety instruction and makes safety checks on equipment to ensure the overall safety of students.
  6. Evaluates academic and social growth of students, prepares grades, and keeps appropriate records of student participation.
  7. Maintains control of storage and use of school property.
  8. Evaluates each student’s growth in physical skills, knowledge and contribution in team sports.
  9. Administers testing in accordance with State Mandated testing practices.
  10. Models nondiscriminatory practices in all activities.

To apply for this job, please email your resume to If you have any questions about the position, you are welcome to call the school at (415) 499-7616.