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Evelyn Clancy
Timothy Murphy School is pleased to announce our new Director, Ms. Evelyn Clancy. Ms. Clancy has decades of experience working with at-risk children in schools, the juvenile justice system, and foster care. Her two Masters degrees in Special Education and Educational Administration make her uniquely qualified to take the helm at TMS. She has been a special education teacher and principle at a nonpublic school, as well as Director of Student Services and Director of Special Education at the district level. All of us at TMS offer her a warm welcome. Ms. Clancy was hired after our principal, Ms. Debbie Countouriotis, retired from TMS after 20 years of service. We extend sincere and heartfelt goodbyes to Debbie and wish her utmost happiness in her retirement.
TMS is a non-public special education school serving students challenged with behavior and emotional struggles

We are a nonsectarian non-public school committed to helping special education students achieve academic success. Founded in 1985 in San Rafael, CA, we proudly serve students in grades 1-12 from the St. Vincent’s treatment home for boys as well as students from all over the Bay Area, including Marin County and San Francisco.

Our programs are built upon decades of experience with children who struggle with profound emotional disturbances and behavioral challenges, often due to early trauma and exposure to domestic abuse and neglect. As such, positive behavior supports and professional mental health services are deeply interwoven into our comprehensive state-adopted curriculum. Our evidence-based programs provide students with a unique opportunity to grow, heal, and learn in a safe and nurturing educational environment.

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